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as someone who loves [most of] the 3 films from this mashup, i wouldn't have normally sought this out in order to watch it. it all came down to a review that i stumbled upon. though it seemed a bit TOO overzealous in it's praise (to the point i thought they must be his own mother), i had to admit that the concept was painted as incredibly intriguing. as a younger editor myself (just a few years, now), one thing i have going for me is dedication to seamless edits, & creativity. so i have a huge respect for faneditors that that provide at least those 2 aspects. Wraith was generous enough to share the link (as well as 2 others). and i gotta say, that initial review didn't seem too overzealous anymore. i was super impressed. i had originally hated the idea of not revisiting every single moment of the originals on future rewatches, but this new narrative.... while it needfully has to cut out some stuff, it does so in an appropriate way. the restructuring, refocusing, relabeling, and even re-revealing (yes, that's a word now) was just.... fucking masterful. what a mind-boggling puzzle this was to redo it in such a way, to begin with, let alone have that finished puzzle actually enjoyable to look at. this edit is not only a phenomenal way to watch the overall trilogy story (either for 1st time OR as a fan), but should be considered a case study inspiration for what fan-editing can achieve. genius-level mapping. Wraith has gifted me two aspects. 1) a new version of an already loved trilogy, that i will watch whenever that rewatch bug starts to bite. and 2) inspiration to be better, think harder, & work more diligently at what i do. may he never have need to stop this aspect of his hobby time.

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Owner's reply November 28, 2021

Thank you for the review.

I am especially pleased that you find it so inspiring (as i did when I first saw Pulp Empire, which had the same impact on me to raise my game) I am very much looking forward to see your work. Feel free to PM if you ever need an extra pair of eyes or ears...

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November 24, 2021
Hmm...I wonder who appreciated this amazing work of art enough to write that review?
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