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FanMix August 08, 2021 7100
(Updated: June 03, 2022)
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Wraith did something absolutely remarkable with this edit. An instant classic fanedit.

First, the film is all about a dark and rising tension, then it descends into doubts and madness as the three main characters become trapped. This in-turn sets the stage for a jail-break with super-villainous intent. But Dunn has his gift and a poncho to dawn. And throughout all this, Casey comes to know that their gifts are not just fantasy, nor are her own, as the Horde and Mr. Glass go on a rampage.

The opening credits are amazing. This is S tier editing of video and audio. In terms of flow and pacing, they're perfect. This is a powerhouse of an edit. The tension is relentless. The time and effort put into this makes it a wonderful piece of art. There is not a scene that felt forced, unwarranted, or superfluous, because every scene has it's purpose throughout the edit and leads in-step with next. The ending of the edit is sad, story wise. Not a problem of Wraith's. I had just hoped for a more uplifting ending, but it fits with the dark undertone throughout the films.

I watched SUG 6.05PRF

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Owner's reply June 17, 2022

Thanks for the review...just to note the most recent version is 7.01, addressing many minor glitches.

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