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(Updated: July 09, 2022)
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What an incredible feat combining all these films into something really cohesive and incredibly enjoyable. Individually, I felt the films were flat, especially Glass. This edit really freshens it up and I felt completely immersed in it, versus a slog and waiting for it to end. I felt the scenes chosen and edits made were excellent choices for the most part. A few parts really made my eyes roll and I wish they were cut like Elija's mother dropping comic book factoids near the end like "this is what is known as a showdown" etc. Let's face it, Glass is just a bad movie. Not terrible, but definitely not good. The editor really did do a great job of cutting a lot of it, but really they didn't have much to work with on the last film. I have to say this is fantastic work, I can't wait to watch the companion film. Thank you for the time and energy put into this. I wouldn't really want to watch the films any other way again.

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Owner's reply July 13, 2022

Thanks so much for the review...i'm always deligted if this one does trigger some surprises and enjoymeny...

I will be making some technocal revisions, and I just may remove that line you mentioned and maybe one or two more...Thanks for the constructive comments.
Please message me if you have any other pressing points for me to consider...I'm always open to improving things...

I can't wait to read what you think of UGS...
Thanks again: W

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