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(Updated: March 28, 2023)
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The was a great way to examine the trilogy, it was edited flawlessly and the intro and outro sequences were exceptionally well done, but I think Unbreakable in particular suffered from the amount cut. It might be spoiled by the fact that it's a contender for my favourite movie of all time, but it's greatest strength is the slow build up to a complete understanding, which is removed by making it only one third of the movie. Split is also lessened in my opinion, not because of losing anything important, just because I feel the events of the movie happen to quickly. Glass is the only part I can say is improved. It definitely feels better as a final act than as a movie in itself, and I prefer Mr. Glass to be the one to release the videos, though it makes the supporting characters feel a little less important, especially since their roles are cut down in the previous parts.
While the way the edit is arranged does well to highlight the thematic and narrative connections between moments in these movies, from what I could tell it doesn't create these connections. They all still exist in the original movies, they're just presented more plainly here.
While this is a fun way to watch the movies, it's nowhere near an improvement. It couldn't replace them in my eyes.

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