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Good quality, especially the Split and Glass footage.

A/V Editing
Very impressive intercutting throughout. I noticed some things but that's inevitable given the source material. A lot of fade to blacks, but I'm unsure if there's a better way of moving between timelines. The A/V editing is a major selling point here as it allows for the narrative rearrangement.

The story being told is essentially the same as the original trilogy but in an integrated manner, with the Split and Unbreakable stories being told in parallel during the first half, followed by Glass in the second half, but with a lot of jumping back and forth between the three films throughout. A major reveal from Unbreakable is pushed towards the end of Glass which keeps things interesting. Having seen the originals, I was able to easily keep track of the narrative. I believe someone unfamiliar with the work would also be able to understand the narrative fairly well, especially if you pay attention, so it certainly succeeds in that aspect. I do think adding a halfway mark at around the 1hr 45 mins, when the film transitions from the Split/Unbreakable arc to the Glass arc would be beneficial, as 3hr 30 mins is too long for a feature film in one sitting.

I did enjoy watching this. Personally, I think Unbreakable is the strongest of the trilogy, and those parts of the edit remain the strongest. Note that the tone of this edit matches more with the franticness of Split & Glass rather than the solemn reflection of Unbreakable. It keeps a good pace despite a long runtime so it's not a hard watch.

All in all, great job by Wraith. Split Unbreakable Glass, whilst ultimately following the same plot, gives a unique spin on these films, and is definitely worth a watch for those who enjoyed the originals.
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