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Review by tranzor — April 2, 2008 @ 10:44 pm

I thought this edit was mind blowing, just for the sole reason that everying blended together so damn well.

Hats off to you Nick!

Sure some of the outfits change, but you could take this as time passing by (it works that way as well). In all honesty who cares? I did not even notice any of it. I was having way too much fun enjoying this edit

Sure some of the bug shots are repeated. So what? A ton of shows back in the 60′s would do similar acts to save on the budget cost. If anything it makes this even more 60′s authentic

If i had to pick one downside it was this: Towards the end, one of the bug shots still apears in a letterboxed format rather than full frame (dvd version)

I am giving this 4 1/2 fan edit stars–

Even if you are not a star trek fan (of which some of the people I showed this to are not) you can still have a good time watching this on a friday or Saturday night with friends–
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