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These comments apply to both parts of this fan-edit.

The launch of season 2 of Picard seemed like the perfect time to check out Wraith’s Picard S1 fan edit, spilt into two parts: Echoes of Lament and Means of Redemption.

First of all, I should say, I didn’t hate the broadcast version. Like most people, I thought it was a mixed bag, some nice nostalgia that suffered from too many pointless or repetitive scenes with some unlikable characters. As well, solutions were often thanks to “magic” technology rather than more Trek-like problem solving. What should have been a pretty good full-length movie was stretched into 10 draggy parts. There were also accusations by many fans that the writers had an agenda that came at the expense of good storytelling.

I bring that up because improving the flow seems to have been Wraith’s first mission, and he mostly succeeded. Filler scenes and unneeded exposition have been excised, other scenes trimmed, and many scenes reordered, so the whole thing zips along much more swiftly (and logically). No more magic science. He’s also created a new opening (from a scene that originally aired toward the end) that now rationalizes the conspiracy as it unfolds. Speaking of mystery, Dage’s intro is vastly improved by presenting the attack as a flashback. A number of critical scenes have been improved with selective trims, the meeting with Adm. Clancy for example. She actually comes across as more serious albeit humorless instead of angry and resentful. Indeed, all of the characters are less pathetic and broken.

I had some issues with a few editing choices. For example, I didn’t think the original TNG music worked for the themes. The tone of this series is so different. I would have also lost the crying over Picard’s death and gone straight from his dying to the simulation (although I appreciate that these were good character-building moments.) But I felt those scenes seriously interrupted and undermined the most moving moment in the entire series: Picard's reunion with Data. btw, Data still looks off to me. I think it would be possible to use some of the Deep Fakes that have appeared online. But these are all minor quibbles.

Technically the edit is very good. I didn’t notice any harsh transitions or serious plotting problems because of missing scenes. I echo BionicBob's point about the source material, which couldn't be changed. Nevertheless, the plot is less convoluted now. I did hear some audio pops in a few places but that could be playback in VLC. I haven’t tried it in another player. In any event, the didn't detract from my enjoyment of the edit.

So overall, another great edit from Wraith.

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