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Review by UnkwnFactor — January 10, 2011 @ 11:28 pm

I am a fan of BionicBob’s “Trek” edits and have them all saved on my network at home. I absolutely enjoy the use of original music/sound effects etc throughout the entire series of edits.

Storyline-wise, I really enjoyed this edit. I, too, definitely like how the “Chekov” sub-plot was handled as well – especially in relation to the “hospital scenes” (an area of my DVD I ALWAYS skipped when watching ST4 !!). I also was very glad to see the removal of all the horrible, cheesy “Scotty at PlexiCorp” scenes and was very happy how the entire scene(s) are handled. For some reason, most die-hard Trek fans always seem to like this scene and I was very afraid it would be left in it’s entirety in BionicBob’s edit. Overall, I, personally, would have liked to see a little bit more removal of some of the other more cheesier lines etc, but I was still very happy with the final story/plotline.

I was a little off-put by the montage also. The scenes used were a tad too long; more a quick flash type of scenes would have been better. The “what to come events” aspect of the time travel also happens in the original (albeit more in audio than video ways), but in more of an ethereal way. I liked the use of specific events, but the were just a tad too long. Use of shorter “flash-forward” (ugh, hate to use a LOST ref) type scenes would cure what Dwight is talking about in his review above.

As has already been said, the audio really disappointed me. This entry definitely has some uneven audio – especially when the Huey Lewis song kicks in during the Golden Gate Bridge scene, HOWEVER, I absolutely loved how it was playing on the radio in the antique shop. Sometimes I had to turn up the TV to hear what was being said, then the next second the effects/music were blaring at me.

Video quality: I too noticed the issue in the “reds” but it just didn’t distract that me that much because of how fun this edit is to watch.

Overall, I was still very pleased with the edit and will watched it again. For me, BionicBob never disappoints!

NOTE: I gave this edit an “8″ only because of the audio issues only. This edit is a MUST-SEE.
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