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Another great BionicBob Star trek edit!
In general, this may have been my favorite so far--though I have 2 more movies to watch in the series. This movie is just fun, and the chemistry between the characters comes through here the best since the tv show, and this edit keeps things moving at a perfect pace.

I had issues with the "flash-forward" montage. It didn't particularly make sense to me. They went back in time and all experienced images of their future selves? If you were going to do that at all, I think using shorter, quick wordless flashes, maybe with a slightly psychedelic filter, would have worked better, IMO. Though, considering they go back in time, I would think images from their past would pop up, and then on the return to their future (which is their present), maybe there use the future images? I'm torn about this part. I was glad not to see another montage when they went back to their present with the whales, but at the same time, I sort of wondered why there wouldn't be another one. This issue is pretty minor, but when you create something nearly perfect, the flaws stand out.
I had minor issues with background music as well, though not the Huey Lewis song (I thought the volume of the music there was fine, as past Earth probably seemed like a cacophony of sounds to the crew. But there were a few times the music was a little loud and in some scenes (Chekov awakening and stating his name/rank) the music just seemed out of place--undercutting the drama of the scene.

My overall enjoyment of this was off the chart though--higher than the 10-point scale allows.
To me, more than the 3 previous TOS movies, this one captures the fun of the original Star Trek. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, but that doesn't mean Kirk isn't still basically trying to get laid, Spock is dressed as some kinda samurai and attempting "colorful" language and Bones gets to play Dr in a real hospital! And even the whale plot made me think of Douglas Adams's So Long And Thanks For All The Fish---which has nothing to do with Star Trek, and yet I think this fun movie shares a little DNA with that brilliant writer's way of having fun with end-of-the-world scenarios.

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