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I really enjoyed the Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Redux - Fan VFX Replacement Showcase by Wraith.

I recall seeing the original version in the theaters back in 1982.

Having the VFX updated allowed me to stay in the story, and not be pulled out of it to notice clunky effects, as had been the case with all my repeated viewings over the years. I cannot recall how many times I would make apologies for the VFX with my kids as we watched it every so often.

Less of a criticism of this version and more of an observation about the passage of time, but I almost missed the VFX of the Genesis demonstration reel that Kirk and Co. watched. As I'm sure many are aware, the VFX of the original was state of the art at the time and drew audible gasps from the audience back in 1982. I say almost because I much prefer this edition as it allows both seasoned fans and a newer audience to enjoy the excellent narrative without the aforementioned clunky VFX.

Thank you for sharing!

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