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Cards on the table: I feel the original W.o.K. is one of the best sci-fi films of all time. (More details here: So, as BionicBob himself says, this really can't replace it. Virtually any change you make to the film would make it a lesser film, so the real question is if this edit is a good alternative way to view it. I'd give it a qualified 'yes'.

Compared to the first in Bob's series (ST: TMP), I think the TV treatment comes off better here. The trailer before the "episode", the commercial break fade-outs at climactic story moments...they work pretty well. The giveaway is that-
A. the time the film takes to give weight to scenes (like the launching of the Enterprise) is waaaay longer and grander than fits in a TV series. It busts the whole feel he's going for. And,
B. the music that accompanies much of this movie is grand, and epic, and has the triumphant feeling of an exciting military mission... again, the scale is way off for a TV series.
So these two aspects prevent the presentation of the edit from really taking hold for me, but it doesn't ruin the edit or anything.

The other main point of this edit is to present things purely from Kirk's point of view, and it's a pretty interesting way to view. I think it validates giving this a watch, even though I missed much of the cut material. Some of my favorite scenes/shots are not in this version, such as the earworm torture, part of Spock's big decision, and generally anything with Ricardo Montalban. Perhaps I would've liked it more if Khan's side were included later in the film as flashbacks when Kirk finds out what happened.

There are a lot of nice touches here in terms of added/altered music, effects, and flashbacks that help get the feel of the story right for the edit. That said, the song that accompanied the funeral scene was jarring and really didn't fit the rest of the music in this film. It also seemed a bit OTT for me.

All in all, I think BionicBob executed his plan well and came up with an edit people may really enjoy. The original is still my preferred version, but I can say this is definitely a fun way to rewatch.

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