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Review by UnkwnFactor — January 10, 2011 @ 11:52 pm

Less Khan???? “KHHHHAAAAN! KHHHHHAAAAN!” I was both looking forward to and dreading this edit after I D/L’d it.

I certainly do not believe in any of “sacred cow” of movies that shouldn’t be edited. I believe all movies are fair game. BionicBob’s intentions for his Trek series is a prime example of this. He has not only done what I term, cut all the junk from his trek movies, he takes his edit in a new direction. This movie is, for me, THE star trek movie that all others (except Star Trek 2009) must measure up to.

I was worried about the “less Khan” intention, but was really excited to see the “story told form Kirk’s viewpoint” aspect. I was not disappointed by either. This is almost a different movie for me. It almost seems like a “Director’s Cut” of Star Trek 2.

There are some issues video issues with this installment, like the others, but the movie is so damn enjoyable I just don’t care. I agree with L8wrtr about this as well.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but being a part of FE and watching edits is mainly for me, the actual edit. The DVD presentation, extras etc are great if an edit has them, but not terribly important to me. I usually D/L this to my network and stream them to my TV, or extract just the movie to a USB etc and watch them via my TV or blu-ray (my TV and blu-ray USB connections for doing this sort of thing), so I typically don’t experience the DVD menus etc until well after I have already watched the edit.

I introduced my “desparate housewife watching” / “sci-fi and especially Star Trek is silly” thinking wife to Trek via the DVD of First Contact. She realized what quality sci-fi can be and then she watched this edit with me and was blown away.

Overall, an excellent edit and one of my personal favorites.
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