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Review by L8wrtr — November 9, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

Star Trek 1, 3, or 5? Which was the least watchable? Which was the biggest disappointment? Compelling arguments can be made for all 3, but I always found myself the most disappointed with Search for Spock because it achieved so little, yet had so much promise. The movie always felt disjointed and that it generally was an underachiever.

With “The V’ger Incident” Bob has proven he can take a stinker of a movie and make it watchable and even enjoyable. With “Perdition’s Flames” Bob took to the next level by taking a great movie, and giving it a new and enjoyable twist that in many ways made it perhaps even more enjoyable to watch than the original. So now, what could Bob do with a movie that had tremendous potential, but was a huge belly flop in the pool of Star Trek movies?

Visual Quality
Similar to both The V'ger Incident and Perdition’s Flames, this edit suffers from less than ideal video quality. There are compressions in certain reds as well as the DVD being inletter-box aspect. This doesn’t bother me greatly as I can simply change the format on my TV and I get the proper ratio with minimal additional quality loss. From a purely evaluational standpoint I have to give it a 7/10 for visual quality and again I hope that Bob will someday return to his Star Trek edits and give them the proper treatment.

Audio Quality
I can pretty much duplicate my last review of Perdition’s Flames here. Bob’s work in the audio department really stand out. Again we have the infusion of TOS sound effects and music which adds so much to the atmosphere of the movie. Bob’s work on Resurrection is probably his best yet as far as layering and blending the old audio and music, Easily a 10/10 for me.

This is another great job of editing. No flash frames, no plot holes or continuity errors. On a personal preference, there are only two aspects that I didn’t care for from a technical execution on this edit. I’m not sure how I feel about the freeze-frame that was used for several of the commercial fade outs, however this is a stylistic choice on the editor’s part, but for me I prefer a more traditional motion fade, but this is a very minor gripe. *SPOILER* For the sequence of Spock regaining his memories, the freeze frame image montage was also not my first choice. I would enjoy more traditional motion images during the sequence, but again, this is a preference issue, Bob’s execution is not flawed here as it really works quite well. Overall, Bob’s technical editing skills are great and if you had never seen this movie before you’d not be able to tell this was not a theatrical release of the movie. 9/10

Story/Film improvement
BionicBob has turned one of my least favorite Star Trek movies into one of my favorite. By re-ordering the two storylines the movie now has a pacing that is enjoyable and the two storylines actually play off of each other and build to a peak as they finally merge at Genesis planet. While the other two Starfleet captains are still sorely lacking when compared against Kirk, they are drastically improved over their original roles. The removal of the Bones side-story on Earth is a welcome relief as it added nothing to the story. What was once a complete jumbled mess is now a very lean, well-integrated story of friendship, loyalty and sacrifice for a greater good. The themes that were buried are now front and center. 10/10. This is easily now my go-to version of the film, it is not even close!

The DVD menu is identical to Bob’s previous edits with updates to music and images. It is a default template and not terribly exciting (and repetitive if you're watching more than one of his edits at a time ) but I don't mark down for menus, I'm here to watch an edit after all. Again he provides a nice little "About this movie" bit that is enlightening and fun. Also, the inclusion of the Enterprise Self-Destruction comparison between this film and the one used in the Original Series episode is also fun.

BionicBob has now run the gamut of fanediting, from improving failed movies, dramatic new interpretations of great movies, and sifting through the wreckage of a movie that should have been good, and presenting it as the movie it should have been all along.

Like Bob’s previous edits, for me the only thing that holds this back from a perfect 10 is the video quality, which drags this down to an 8.5 out of 10 so rounding up I give this a 9/10. This is an incredible improvement over the original film. For my money, I think I enjoy Perdition’s Flame more, but that’s simply because it is such a fantastic story to begin with, but in terms of improving the original, this is BionicBob’s best work to date.
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