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Review by UnkwnFactor — January 11, 2011 @ 12:04 am

A great edit making a very mediocre “phoned-in” performance movie watchable.

The original movie is #2 of my most loathed Trek movies (ST V being #1 and ST IX tying with ST V) and Bob made it watchable for me. This is another great turn in his trek series and Bob does his best to make it work.

I simply loved the re-ordering of the two story lines – the movie as a whole is now so much more exciting and comprehensible and really shows how determined Kirk and crew are to get Spock. I would have to say, in my humble newbie opinion, that there is just no other way to make some of the other characters (namely the Capts) any better. Bob does his best, but they are just too weak to really do much.

and…THANK you for removing the Bones earthbound sub-plot. I have always thought it was just too silly and poorly written to ever work for me.

Like L8wrtr, I will only watch this version of ST 3, never will I reach for the original again. I hate to echo L8wrtr, but he made a very good point about BionicBob’s series: he has run the gamut of FE for me too.

(Okay, so the video still suffers from quality issues, but as i have said in my other reviews: it didn’t bother me because the edit is so engaging.)
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