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Star Trek VI is one of those Trek movies I can't get enough of, Shakesperian Klingons, the Kirk vs Shape-Shifter Kirk fight, Spock playing Sherlock Holmes and solving a rather ellaborate I've aged, I find coming back to it a more enriching experiance than the last. Bob's edit, I'm glad to say, not only heightens the experiance further, but completly reinvents the wheel. Playing out like a tv episode, and not just relying on seemless transistions to evoke the feel of watching one, but also incorporating elements from the Star Trek tv series canon, rewriting visual and narrative histories with reletive ease. By viewing this edit, you discover a whole new country. The only negative I have to give it is the write-up at the end talking about the fates of the feels too tacked on and has a whiff of fanfilm to it, I don't have a problem with that sort of thing, but it's such a stark difference from the professional job and visual quality that preceeded it.

A neat and tidy Trek trim with some unique surprises. I am as always inspired by Bob's output

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