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The faneditor admits this is an experimental "what-if" fanedit, using a modern score, and it is certainly an interesting experiment.

This is the original film with all of its long, slow-paced scenes (as well as some scenes from the Director's cuts), but with a totally different score.

Can you handle Star Trek: The Motion Picture with NONE of the familiar cues? It's not just the absence of the Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack, but the absence of ANY of the musical cues you associate with Star Trek. It makes this movie a far different viewing experience... now the long, slow scenes around the Enterprise are moody and not nostalgic in any way.

I know I removed a star for audio editing, but I think much of the problem is with the original audio and NOT the faneditor's work. With a lack of clear, separated channels, and with much of the original audio feeling very "flat," the score always sounds better than the film's actual audio. When people speak, they always sound a little bit like they are speaking in a can, but the musical score is digitally perfect, causing a subtle contrast that the viewer will need to overlook and attempt to ignore. BUT DON'T LET THIS STOP YOU. This is definitely worth a watch!

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Owner's reply June 20, 2023

Thank you for your review and for your understanding!

I would like to repeat the experiment but with some other film, a more modern one that has a higher quality original audio and is easier to separate without turning it into "people talking in a can" XD, something inevitable (at least for me) and that is sometimes the case even on the original track. A pity.

See you at the next!

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