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The TNG crew always had a rougher ride at the big screen than their predecessors, with many claiming the only gold nugget was First Contact. I've always enjoyed them personally , even if RedLetterMedia's deconstruction of the films remains a highlight of any daty where I'm bored. Fortunatly, MenBailee has managed an enviable edit that tightens the bolts on the TNG movies, including First Contact. I love FC as it was, but the trims made here are'nt at all unwelcome and keeps Picard in a state of composed and ordered calm becoming of a starfleet captain. Insurrection and Nemesis were my main points of interest. Insurrection is my favourite TNG movie ever. EVER. Better than First Contact by a mile (blasphemy I hear you say), but at it's core it is a vintage bit of TNG, cut down it's a great runaround and the new ending is more in-keeping with how a tv episode would end. Nemesis works well without the B4 subplot and while there are darker elements I wish could be removed, consistency and continuity means they have to stay. The ending is right on the dot too, a sound climax that brings all the themes of family and unity together as we bid the crew of the Enterprise safe passage into those "blue skies". Overall this is a great effort and it gives the TNG crew deserving dignity in their final journies together.

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