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I have many joys for hobbies, two of them begin with a "T", Time Travel and Trek. Here, we get three specially edited episodes from editor The Warlord interconnecting several missions the Enterprise crew find themselves on as they find themselves dealing with temporal problems. The connective tissue is expertly handled, with the stories truly feeling like they come one after the other. The climax with the Enterprise sling-shots back to the present is a little clunky, but holds together.

I can't help but feel this could have been best served as a two parter rather than a trilogy, "The Naked Time" does not deal outright with the premise of being trapped in the past, instead it deals with a virus that causes our character to behave erratically. Perhaps it would have been more adventurous to have had the virus break out after the Enterprise had travelled back through time, and for it to have been a sub plot while other things were going certaingly would have spiced up the third instalment, which is mostly a backdoor pilot for another character.

These edits were made in 2014, but are of a high quality standard. There is a few times the audio can be a little rough and spring out at you unexpectedly, and there are moments where the mix of scenes are accompanied only by straight music and no other sound FX, but perhaps that could not be helped.

As a Trekkie, and a time travel fan, I very much enjoyed what I could, the second episode is the strongest example of how well this concept works.
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