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I didn't realize this was fanedit legend BionicBob's first sure doesn't show it!
I have many thoughts on why this is very flawed as a film (here: but the question is if this edit fixes those issues? Well, not really. A great many of them are script-level and can't be changed, or there simply isn't alternative footage. What this edit does well is trim a lot of the scenes not featuring the holy ST trinity of Kirk/Spock/Bones, and pick up the pace a lot.

However, the framework didn't sell me on this being presented as a long TV episode. It was okay, but the thing still has the beats of a movie and doesn't feel like TV. There are also still long, boring stretches focusing on the dated effects and visuals. At this point, even the extraneous characters' scenes would be better to watch than a lot of that dead space, which didn't grab me or create "mood" at all. Also, while many of the cuts were good, some stuff was cut that helps to give the story a cohesive narrative and flesh out motivations. So it's a bit hit and miss.

Overall, this is still better to watch than any previous version of the film, so it's recommended over those. Chock one up in the Win column for BionicBob.

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