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Review by L8wrtr — May 29, 2010 @ 4:44 pm

Star Trek “THE V’GER INCIDENT” by bionicbob

Reviewed by L8wrtr

TOS goodness to the rescue

What Bob has done with Star Trek The Motion Picture is for me, the definition of a Fan Edit. He has taken a movie and not only made the story better, but he has given the entire narrative an entirely new perspective, breathing fresh air into an extremely stale movie.

From a story standpoint, BionicBob has refocused the story to what fans of Star Trek care about, Kirk and Spock, and it works very well on this level. Decker is as annoying as ever, perhaps even more so now that we’ve lost the “Kirk has lost his edge” subplot, but fans of the film will understand the first officer’s motivations, which also now highlight the dynamic between Kirk and Spock.

But what really causes this fanedit to stand out, and you see from frame 1 is the TOS treatment. The sights and sounds really help bring this into the classic feel of the original series, at least as much as is possible with with heavily 70s vibe of the set and costuming.

Video editing
The technical execution of the editing is quite good. Choices are logical, transitions are appropriate and the pacing is greatly improved. I find no reason to mark off any points. 10 out of 10

Video Quality
I wish the same could be said for the video quality, but this is not entirely due to the editor. The quality of the original is quite disappointing, however there are heavy compressions going on in the ambient or glowing reds. 8 out of 10

Audio Quality
In evaluating the audio, I will keep in mind that the spirit of this particular fanedit is to emulate TOS. One scene that exemplifies this is the Klingon attack against V’GER. In replacing the music with TOS, we’ve also lost the quiet rumble of the Cruisers, however quite often in the Original Series, ships often glided by on screen with only musical accompaniment, and minimal sound effects like phaser or torpedo shots. While the audio is not perfect, it is in keeping with what we heard on TOS. 8 out of 10

Overall Entertainment
Like CBB’s Kirkless Generations, BionicBob has rescued a film that could, and should have been very good. This movie still has its flaws because the original was itself, terribly flawed, but bionicbob has managed to inject classic Star Trek feel into a movie that I would have been fine never watching again. 9 out of 10.
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