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Review by UnkwnFactor — January 10, 2011 @ 11:35 pm

This was the first “Trek” edit I watched at FE – of course there aren’t that many to begin with! ;-)

I wasn’t quite sure what the edit was going to be about from just reading the synopsis, so I decided, prior to watching, to read the reviews. I did exactly what Flyboy707 said and did not read his or anyone else’s review until AFTER I watched the edit. I am glad I followed his advice!

I was blown away by this edit! This edit was something quite different than I watched before and really liked what he did with ST:TMP.

I will not bore you with re-hashing all the other reviews already posted, but merely echo what has been said. Is this a perfect edit? No, but darn close for a first outing (I think this is BionicBob’s first edit, yes?)

Again, a MUST-SEE even if you don’t like Trek. This edit showcases what, to a newbie like me, FE is all about.
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