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This is my second venture through Bionic Bob's Star Trek edits (V being the previous one). I watched the intro explaining the changes beforehand, and I'm pretty much in agreement with Bob's concluding thoughts on the edit. It's still flawed, but it's a definite improvement, and well worth checking out.

One of my biggest problems with Nemesis revolves around how many subplots there were. So I'm glad that the B4 subplot and the unholy Deanna Troi mind-rape subplot have been excised from this edit. Cutting those two out places nearly all of the focus on the Picard/Shinzon dynamic. And while that dynamic will never be one of my favorites in Star Trek lore, at least it's simpler and easier to follow without being bogged down by other things. I also appreciate that the ending for this version actually produced some irreversible consequences and came with a sense of finality, while also keeping true to the spirit of Trek. And I liked the alternate final scene as well.

I did say that this edit is flawed, though. I agree with a lot of other reviewers that a few of the structural changes were odd, and I also wished the explanation of Data's emergency transport unit at the end wasn't so out-of-the-blue in this version. But those changes feel so small compared to the good changes that have been made here.

All in all, this is a much needed improvement on one of the weaker entries in the Trek theatrical saga. Through a Glass Darkly earns my recommendation.

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