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This was a fantastic edit.

I've had it sitting on a disc waiting for me to watch it for some time now, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The original film had left such a bad taste in my mouth that it put me off Star Trek for quite a long time.

This edit redeems the original film, and then some.

A lot has been cut, many things have been rearranged. Nearly every cut and nearly every line feels natural and original. The removal of the B4 subplot was well needed and well executed. The inclusion of the new ending was amusing and served the film well.

The picture quality of the newly added deleted ending was significantly below that of the rest of the film. This is a real shame, because otherwise there would be little left to indicate that this wasn't the way the film was originally released.

As several others have pointed out, the flashback was slightly awkward, but it didn't feel unnatural. I've always found flashbacks in films to be slightly mentally jarring, and this one specifically was done as well as any.

The film is much more melancholy than the original, which might turn some viewers off, but I found it to be a fitting fair-well for the crew of the enterprise.

In the end, I was pleased. This was a great edit.

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