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(Updated: August 02, 2017)
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Great edit, well done! So much has been removed and the compact result feels like a really good two-parter like "The Best of Both Worlds" or something. Some quick comments:

- There's one transitional scene where the enterprise goes to warp with no sound effects, that was a bit odd

- Maybe I'm not remembering, but I feel like Troi had very few lines up to the point she was suddenly saving the day by sensing the Reman. It felt a little out of nowhere for her to be able to do this. I assume there's an explanation for it in the unedited film, but I suspect it's related to the mind rape scene and therefore I can live without it.

- Data having the transporter prototype on him didn't bother me and I could have done without the flashback, but I admit I tend to be pretty oblivious to plot holes. The flashback was tastefully done and mostly works. And others are right in saying there'd be some pretty big plot holes without it.

- I did not like the ending at all, even barring the obvious quality difference. I would have just ended the movie on the zoom out ship shot right after riker says he "can't remember the tune." The added deleted scenes after that I felt took away from the gravity of losing Data. Closing on the remembering Data scene is poignant and I think it would work really well. Not the traditional happy ending we'd hope for, especially for the last TNG-era movie, but it would have real depth.

I haven't mentioned much technical stuff and I don't plan to--the technical work on this edit is excellent. There were very few moments when I knew I was watching an edit at all. I remember many scenes from the original film and yet have no clue where they belonged. The edit is virtually seemless.

So yeah, a vast improvement over the original! A very watchable, even enjoyable movie now! Personally, I plan to just trim the ending and call it a day. Great work!

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