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Have avoided the original for a long time, only really seen bits and pieces that highlighted it's reputation as one of the series' weakest entries, so it's wonderful to end up feeling quite emotional after watching the edit. Going from ST IV to ST VI always somewhat irked me, the crew getting a new ship for more adventures then suddenly being on the cusp of retirement, that's no longer an issue!

One can sense that there are bits missing, but maybe that is partly due to the disclaimer at the start drawing one's attention towards the fact since it's hard to put one's finger on anything concrete, nothing in the plot is nonsensical but maybe there could have been more backstory.

From what I do remember none of this is Bob's fault, and the additions made really made really help as well. The integration of the rock monsters (wonder if Galaxy Quest used the idea in reference to this production) as the beings behind the malevolent force worked really well, as does the extended journey through the Great Barrier which felt massively anti-climactic before.

There are only a few points that I think prefer done differently. As amazing as the new effects shots (testaments to the dedication of fan artists) are they do stand out a bit from an obviously much older production, so would echo earlier comments in wondering if they could be tweaked (adjusting grading, adding grain etc) to blend in better. I would also prefer having more "normally" style and size of Klingon subtitles (don't think there's a need to have them located near the speaker) and am not sure about having the large location cards in the centre of the screen.

Overall though this was a joy to watch, along with "In Search of Spock" I can finally enjoy sitting down with six good films with the original crew.

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