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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
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I can’t tell you how happy this edit made me. I’m still downloading the OT version, but wanted to watch the prequels first, because I hated them so much, and really needed a new way to experience them that I thought might be enjoyable.

First of all, you did what I thought was impossible. You actually made me enjoy the pod race. Previously I thought it was close to the worst part of the trilogy, now I actually found it the most enjoyable part of the trilogy. It was so kinetic, and tense, and well executed that at times I found I was forgetting to breath in enough air. I cannot say enough about what a good editing job this was.

Admittedly I was a little slow at first to warm-up to watching the films in this way. I don’t really like dialogue cards, so that was turning me off at first. But I was pleased to see how sparingly you used them. And unlike Stonehenge’s review, I don’t think it was a problem that a few times a chracter was shown talking, but with no dialogue card. I think it was usually understandable what the character was probably talking about, and I liked not being taken out of the action at these times.

Great job.
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