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FanFix October 12, 2019 17414
(Updated: April 29, 2021)
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What a wonderful way to revisit an old classic.

Hats off to Possesed, their work on this conservative edit enriches the viewing experience in multiple subtle ways so much so that watching this was like watching A New Hope for the first time again. A real joy.

A/V Quality - Top notch. Possessed really has done a fab job here. I watched the blu ray version and the picture was wonderfully crisp. The regrade really makes the image pop while the gamma adjustments reveal a whole host of detail in the background. If nothing else the edit is worth watching just for that. The audio mix, which has been enhanced, is rich and clear. What more could you want?
Visual editing - Technically faultless. A highlight for me was the editing of the lightsaber duel.
Audio editing - Possessed has used a custom mix for the edit and the audio editing was seamless. Great job.
Narrative - This is a conservative edit. You've seen the film, you know the story. There are a few notable changes that I personally enjoyed namely the Han and Greedo sequence and the removal of Jabba the hut. It felt like an authentic Star Wars experience.
Enjoyment - If it wasn't clear already I really love this edit. What's more I really love the release. I was lucky enough to receive a handmade blu-ray from Possesed with custom artwork and special features. It really made the viewing experience that little bit more special and it now sits proudly on my shelf. I am very much looking forward to watching Possesed edit of The Empire Strikes Back.
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