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FanFix March 14, 2017 11509
(Updated: December 24, 2021)
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Excellent execution like Octorox's Phantom edit, but IMO this one goes a bit too far. The details are phenomenal like the restored deleted scenes and 'Kamino system' audio from Attack of the Phantom to speed along that mystery subplot. But there's less action and Anakin for the sake of pace. Anakin's character is reshaped to a strong, silent type prone to emotional outburtsts - more comparable to his Ep I and Ep II writing, so it works - but I missed darker glimpses like Anakin telling Padme how he killed the raiders without remorse. I also think some action is needlessly trimmed like the Droid Factory and Obi-Wan's first Boba fight. Even if it's filler, fun action is fun action in action-driven franchise lol. Perfectly executed otherwise.
Owner's reply January 03, 2022

Thanks for the review! It's funny, because my previous version of the edit did include a version of the droid factory sequence but I got so much negative feedback about that particular scene that I flip-flopped and took it out completely. It just goes to show that you can't please everyone. It's no secret that Attack of the Clones is my least favorite prequel, so I was a little more ruthless with this one than the other two. I'm glad you gave it an honest review!

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