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Review by eksif — June 24, 2010 @ 3:54 am

Very enjoyable edit!

My favorite parts:
-Blue crawl (it’s just neat to see a change up)
-No stupid battle droid voices
-Much less stupid Jar-Jar antics
-Less stupid/childish Anakin lines
-No stupid podrace announcer(s)
-No stupid Anakin’s introduction to Obi-Wan
-Anakin piloting the starfighter (works great and makes perfect sense)

What works well:
-The Emperor’s face being disguised and voice altered
-Jar-Jar jumping into the water sans voice (I liked this better than The Phantom Edit)
-The deleted scene of Qui-Gon cutting down the probe droid and then he and Anakin racing to the ship (this is the reason why they’re running to the ship)
-No “Chosen One” dialogue + Obi-Wan deciding to train Anakin on his own (this really works well at then end and in Obi-Wan’s conversation with Yoda)

Room for improvement:
-There are few scenes where mouths or heads move but no dialog is there (maybe either put back in the dialogue or cut the scene)
-There’s one cut to Anakin in mid-sentence when he takes off in the Naboo Starfighter (maybe just cut to him putting his helmet on)
-In the attack on on the control ship there are two pilots (male and female) who redundantly respond with “roger Bravo leader”. I think we just need one of them to respond. A man perhaps?

Overall great edit though: 9/10
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