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(Updated: September 21, 2015)
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A truly inspired concept, as well as a labour of love, from Galactus with generous assistance from MoveAlong and ThrowgnCpr. The intention was to edit footage from the game, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, as well as deleted scenes, into a full length movie.

Video - I opted for the Purist Cut. Image quality varied at times, but was never less than very good. Most scene changes were terse fade out / fade in type. Not a complaint, but it was noticeable.

Audio - Dialogue clear throughout, though I often had to boost the volume during conversations, ease back down during gunplay. As with the Video, some of the crossfades are quite brief. No subs, none expected.

Narrative - As noted by Galactus, there is an excellent Star Wars backstory here. This was set ten years before Star Wars E02. If true, then Count Dooku had only recently left the Jedi order, after Qui-Gon Jinn was killed. Jango's story by itself was enjoyable - a huge bounty offered by Lord Tyranus for the liquidation of Komari Vosa, ex-Jedi. For Fett, Vosa would be a grudge hunt.

Enjoyment - Yes, great little story in this. To my thinking, however, a mistake was committed in trying to extend this into feature length. The film runs at least 20 minutes too long. Sequence after sequence of Jango endlessly running could have been chopped. Repetitious and wearisome. Mind you, this is the opinion of a D- game player. I never made it to the end as Galactus did.

That sums up my thoughts. I enjoyed the creative work, the illuminating plot points about Jango Fett and Montross, and most - to a point - of the action. This is, at best, a B-film and should have been trimmed to roughly 80 minutes.

Nevertheless, a welcome addition for Star Wars fans.

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