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Another winner in this ongoing series from smudger9. This one combines two narratives rather seamlesslly. While the 2nd film is the most exciting, this one has plenty going for it. The usual qualms I have about the Clone Wars I've mentioned in other reviews; suffice it to say they still exist her, but that's not our intrepid editor's fault....those battle droid voices, basically, are what bother me. And, also.....why does Bane have to be such a Leone clone?

The strongest, most resilient point made in this and the other edits is, as I have mentioned, the perfectly realized character of Anakin. He starts here to show the barest signs of not having a good handle on his own identity with the force. By the 4th film this has started to slip again for him as it did in AOTC. The relationship between Anakin and Ashoka is quite strong by now, and it's the emphasis on those relationships, as well as the one between Anakin and Windu/Obi-Wan, that bring the entire series' weight back to your favorite ROTS edit.

IF, that is, you can abide by seeing Hayden take back over the role.

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