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Perhaps the least of smudger9's edits, but that's not against anything related to our hero editor, nor the quality of the art he's mastered through the series so's rather due to some of the limitations of the storylines intrinsic in the Clone Wars that were chosen.

The first story arc - all that Mandalore, etc - is just rather unexciting. Once the politics takes over the story takes one of those dragging turns that by now is all too familiar (is that not the most chaotic excuse for a Senate ever designed?) Satine, for one, is positively one of the most insufferable characters we're expected to put up with....she may be a great leader and all, but that constant highfalutin way she carries herself....I mean, iyiyi, how could Obi-Wan possibly spend a solitary moment with her in any kind of intimate way?

The second story arc pre-Geonosis battle - with Clovis - is just as ridiculous. I mean, this dude and Satine should just have a mud-wrestling match, get them out of the equation. Those Gronosis zombie-bugs have more personality than this guy ("You can put your head on my shoulder....")The very self-conscious shout-out to "Notorious" (one of my all-time favorite movies) is a lot of fun, though, and seeing 3P0 walk down those stairs is hilarious. Ultimately the 2nd arc is just buildup to the biggest success of this edit -

...and that's the absolutely spectacular battle on Geonosis. Star Wars already set a high water mark for itself with the previous battle on Geonosis in AOTC, and this one really does serve up the goods. When Anakin leads the charge with Ashoka through the lines, it really is something to behold (what a realized hero!) The Clone Wars series was inconsistent, but when it was good it was as good as anything this side of ESB.

Once the battle settles we get into all those zombie-worm-creature creations, and all of this has a good, solid air of respectability (and creepiness, to boot). It makes the big, final showdown impressive and riding nicely in the wake of the battle, and it's also interesting to see Anakin - after 4 big movies - start to slip into his old Dark Side habits.

Again, our editor has put together a really good film when all's said and done. My criticisms are really in context with just how high these edits are rated overall, and all four of these movies are in my chronology. I've introduced my daughter to Star Wars based on these edits, and I can't wait until smudger9 comes forth from his down time to complete the proposed 9-film arc. For me, for now, I pick up the series on S3, E12 after these first four films. Waiting patiently for the rest, because I just love this concept. Bravo, again, smudger9......

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