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This was great. A really comprehensive documentary on everything behind the phantom menace. What I liked about it was how it made me appreciate all the hard work people put into the film. Most documentaries focus on George Lucas, but this really dove into all the craftsmen, designers, model makers, costume people, and everyone around him that made the film possible. I had issues with the Phantom Menace when it came out years ago, but I still respect the process they all went through to make the movie. It wasn't all just George Lucas, it was hundreds of people working together, challenging themselves, and doing their best work. As an audience member I got to see a 2 hour experience, but they had years of creativity and day-to-day activities that gave them purpose and enjoyment. Nothing can take away the experience they had working on the movie, and the innovations that came from it. All the movies that have come in the last 20 years owe their special effects to the Phantom Menace's crew and their dligence. This documentary did a good job of highlighting all of that effort. Which is commendable. You've done a great job with this documentary. I saw it all on youtube. The only hiccup was part 13 had some gaps in the sound. Did not take away at all from my enjoyment, just thought I'd point it out to you in case you wish to reupload.

This was a highly enjoyable experience, well worth the time to watch it. You did excellent work putting this together. Thank you.

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