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Documentary/Review March 25, 2021 2318
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An incredible project, we need more collage-umentaries like this in our lives. I had so much fun revisiting the pre-TPM media push and hype leading up to the biggest cinematic disappointment of many of our lives. For the behind-the-scenes portions, I expected a non-stop Spinal Tap-esque cavalcade of terrible decisions from Lucas and co, but instead I really had the restored sense that the prequels were (in good ways and bad) an intensely idiosyncratic creation with more meaning and depth than many of us realized. And also Jar-Jar, who still sucks.

But yeah, this is the look at Episode I that prequel haters and lovers (and those of us who have been slowly turned from one to the other) should absolutely spend an afternoon with, if only to remember that the Rosie O'Donnell Show once occupied a central part of American culture and that was a weird time for us all.

(Oh also, California is misspelled on one of the early title cards, just a heads-up in case a new version is ever in the offing!)
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