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I was 100% prepared to point out every flaw I had with your edit, ady. Now that I’ve seen it, the edit is too good to shoot apart.

Excellent work all around. The changes I thought I wouldn’t be in favor of (the ROTS music in the fight scene) I ended up liking very much. The only real change that I didn’t like was the Tie attack during the Death Star battle. It breaks up the pacing a bit and the first pan shot runs too long. But hell, Biggs gets a kill and that’s enough to make up for it.

Speaking of which, one of favorite subtle change is having Luke scream “Biggs!” over the radio.

Out of all 4 of the Star Wars versions I have, yours probably ranks second, behind the GOUT DVD from 2006. Even if the picture is shoddy, I still prefer the original Star Wars over any Special Edition out there. But your edit most certainly is the best SE of Star Wars out there and damn near beats the original. Now go drink, eat, and take the rest of the year off. You’ve earned it.
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