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(Updated: August 25, 2014)
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Wow, The Phantom Editor is a legend in the world of fan editing, and deservedly so. The fact that you changed the worst Star Wars movie of all time into a good movie is like magic. I listened to the commentary and it has helped me to become a better editor. Your pure skill at analyzing a movie down to the individual shots is breathtaking.

This is a genius edit because it is the best of both worlds between fan editing (cutting out parts you don't like) and fan re editing (re editing the film). You cut a lot out whilst still retaining great narrative, and I actually liked Anakin Skywalker (MOST OF THE TIME).

Anakin is much better in this version however there are some scenes which I think still could have had stuff taken out a bit more. For example the scene when Padme is packing her things and Anakin is
talking. Great job until that last little bit when he still gives her that creepy look. Same thing on the balcony, its great until he touched her up; the creepy vibe is reduced but still there (But the transition just after the kiss was great).

The edits on Tatooine make it the best thing in the entire movie, but I still think that the sand people slaying is incredibly psychotic. You should have either cut him killing the sand people entirely and just had him coming home with a corpse (and also getting rid of the garage scene) or just cut him saying he killed the women and children.

The editing was fantastic most of the time, but there was 1 cut which seemed out of place.
This was when Anakin is talking to Jar Jar, and then the next shot Obi Wan appears in the frame. I know you couldn't really help this, but you said in the commentary you had alot of advanced equipment such as After Effects and etc, so you could have found a way to make that work.

I need to also point out that the new Phantom Menace music cues worked very well and not only increased the quality of the score but also gave a sense of continuity.

The last thing I have to say is I really think the Yoda lightsaber fight should have been left out. You have done a splendid job with this so I can only really point to negative things. It a fantastic edit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Phantom Editor you are a genius.

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