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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
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Review by Omaru1982 — October 11, 2010 @ 12:14 am

In all honesty I burned this a few months back, so the minor change with V.2 I didn’t think worthy of re-downloading.

Anyway I set down to watch, expecting something similar to the last edit I watched of episode 3 and in places it was very similar, but I was gobsmacked at how much better it overall was, Anakins fall seems more natural, there’s no Palpatine goading him, he just seems to do things out of what he believes is necessity. Not only does this improve Hayden’s character (which I already felt he’d stepped up his game a little since ep 2) but also Ian McDiarmid’s since there’s less of him chewing scenery. The way the final fight is handled leads me to think this was the way it was intended to be carried out, Glad all the yoda stuff is gone. The high ground and all the whining about Jedi ways are gone, which again makes me glad, having anakin attack constatntly attacking without all the talking seems to work better, channelling his hate and contempt toward Obi-wan, much better than the ‘In my opinion’ crap we were originally subjected to.

The somersault caught me by surprise, it was so seamless, perfectly done, I had never even have dreamed something like that could be possible, and the way it flowed wasn’t obvious that it had been edited. Bravo for that. Like other people I wouldv’e liked to have seen slightly more of suited up Vader, But again I think from a prequel point of view this helps bridge the mystery a little between the films not really showing his burned face makes (or will make it) all the more believable when he’s unmasked in Jedi.

Thank you.
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