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(Updated: November 10, 2012)
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Audio/Video Quality: The Audio and Video Quality of the DVD version of this edit was allright. Nothing special specially by today standards but your eyes wil not be damaged after the end credits appear on TV.

Visual Editing: A lot of small changes were made in this edit. Most of themes were cuts that were not very impressive. There were some added scenes one of which I consider to damage the overall experience.

Audio Editing: The Audio Editing was pair to its visual counterpart. Not having to hear the uncontinuous stupid nonsenses that we are used to from Jar Jar Bink's is clearly the best thing in this fan edition.

Narrative: The narrative is a little darker than in the original. While I found this to be good, I realised that it could be a little boring for the children, something that does not happen with the rest of the movies.

Enjoyment: The movie was a good entertainment to watch but I felt nothing really special. Most of the changes were good but I found the podrace a little too long, something that I do not originally feeel.

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