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A bit of background: I watch all the Star Wars movies once or twice yearly. This time and for the first time I began with The Force Awakens and went from the Rise of Skywalker to the Phantom Menace because I knew from the experience how bad it's to go to the new trilogy after The Return of the Jedi. Just finished watching the Episode I: Return of the Sith and oh boy how good it felt.

Now, I have watched this fanedit once or twice before many years ago and while it was good it never felt quite as good as it did this time. Other than the Podracing sequence it improves the original in every way. The pacing is very good and including some of the deleted scenes adds a nice flavor. The fanedit simply makes Phantom Menace into a very entertaining Star Wars movie.

For me, watching this after the sequel trilogy it's easy to say that Phantom Menace (at least through a good fanedit) is a better movie than any of the sequel trilogy movies. The Force Awakens is still good but it feels pointless to watch it because the trilogy itself is a wreck.

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