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This is a great example of fanediting, and it eliminates just about everything that can be eliminated while still retaining what is important. Some people claim that the cutting down of the dialogue hurts the characterization, especially of Qui Gon, however, I feel like 90% of the problems with this movie is that the character talk to much, especially Qui Gon. He does not feel like a Jedi Master, but a crotchety old man who gets upset and snippy every time someone questions his "great wisdom". This edit manages to jetison most of that, so in my book it improves the character tremendously. I stand by my opinion, how ever, that the Jedi of this era are not to be liked are are to look like fools too wrapped up in their own self-righteousness that they can't even see the obvious degeneration of the galaxy happening all around them.

That said, the editing itself was solid, although a few bits seemed a little out of focus. Not talking about the inserted scenes either. It may have been the sources, or maybe it was on my side as I had ran it through Handbrake to put it in H.265 format for storage. Not 100% certain, but my other movies have not had that issue after the same treatment, so just tossing it out there in case it is something in the files themselves. I did not detract for it, as I was uncertain of the origin.

All in all a great version of this movie, and so far my favorite that I have watched.

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