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A. The pod race was quite exciting, not sure what edits were made here, but it seemed better than I remembered from the theatrical release.
B. Young Anakin cringe was kept to a minimum and Jar Jar never got the chance to upset me while still having a quirky personality.
C. Cut small problems that then get solved moments later as they aren't suspenseful during repeat viewings thereby making them pointless.
From a technical stand point this was an impressive fanedit, visual quality was astounding and there were no dodgy frames/cuts, no audio blips or glaring sudden musical cues. The deleted scenes that were incorporated back into the movie added to the experience and development of characters.


A. The film has been cut down to a mere 78 minutes excluding credits - there are no brakes here, the movie shares the necessary information then moves on. The end result is a nice action piece where you don't really care about the characters/events too much. It feels more like a recap than immersion into a living breathing world.
B. The final battle and Sith duel seemed cut down a fair bit - slightly disappointing as its one of the more interesting parts of the movie.
C. Cut nearly every character exchange not essential to the plot - this severely affects the character development of Qui-gon and Obi-wan, most of the other characters get developed effectively.

Final thoughts:

Ultimately, Phantom Menace is a hard movie to save, but the editor cut a little too much here, leaving bare bones dialogue which made the film feel like an empty shell. A great version if you're marathoning the films and needed to get this one out of the way fast.

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