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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
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Review by g1orkatsos — March 11, 2012 @ 3:41 am

VIDEO EDITING. Video quality was fine through the whole movie. fine quality overall. As far as video editing goes it was done quite well. 9/10

AUDIO EDITING. This is what killed the whole thing for me. By using pieces and parts of dialog from the entire movie (and not only)it turned out a big mess and got annoying very easily and quickly. The length of 117 mins didn’t help much either. I understand the reason behind this design choice, but the cuts stood out too much often and they distracted from most of the jokes the editor was trying to make. It got so tiring for me at one point that this is the only fanedit i wasn’t able to complete in one sitting. I know that there was no way around this, other people as i can see here don’t mind and i understand the amount of work that was put into this, but it was a very big issue for me. 2/10

ENTERTAINMENT. As i said i wasn’t able to complete this in one sitting. And that says a lot as i have managed to finish many very bad movies in one sitting. it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me in the end and i was bored and annoyed of it very early on. The humor mostly failed for me. I found the vast majority of the jokes to not work and many felt repetitive and some dragged on for way more than needed. The sound issues ruined many potential jokes for me and while i found some few stuff funny here and there they weren’t at all enough to make me like this edit. The length of 117 wasn’t suitable for this kind of edit either. Maybe this could have worked as a couple of youtube clips of a few mins in length with a few selected scenes from the movie, but as one whole movie experience it was quite bad. I am really sad to say this, and i understand how much of the pain in the ass the whole creation progress must have been, but i didn’t enjoy this edit. 2/10

i gave this a 4/10 and i feel really sorry for such a low rating but i think i said my reasons for such a rating and i stand by my decision and don’t regret it. Again I understand that a lot of work was needed to make this possible, and i i don’t want TV Frink to consider this as an attack against him or anything like that. I have nothing against him, in fact congrats for getting other people to enjoy your edit and for your really good comments by some. But this edit is a Love/Hate situation and i am in the latter category. It didn’t work for me, and i hope TV Frink doesn’t take this the wrong way. But this is my honest oppinion and i stand by it.

Final Score: 4/10
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