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(Updated: July 19, 2014)
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TV's Frink, are you an angel?
I don't know why I didn't download and watch this sooner! This is the very first time I have EVER managed to make it through any of the Star Wars prequels---and I have tried a few fanedits, and I tried to watch with Rifftrax---but none of them could make it bearable until this edit!
I could name things that didn't quite work (sometimes the repetition was too much) but most things did work! This is a particularly inspiring edit to me. It's as if you have found a new way to riff a movie! (I assume from your name, TV's Frink, that you are indeed a fan of MST3K and other incarnations.)
All the audio from Airplane! was used very VERY well, the Cake song was absolutely GREAT, and "look over there", "You catch on quick!" and of course "Now....there are 2 of them!" were all just brilliantly funny! I love all the attempted communications between Obi and Qui-gon. I had wished we could have seen the video, or parts of it, for Weird Al's "Saga Begins" instead of just the audio, but that is hardly a real complaint. I don't actually have any complaints.
In short, this works and it works really well! Like Airplane! or almost any episode of MST3K, there are hundreds of gags coming at you a mile a minute. Not every single joke lands, but its all about the percentage. And the percentage of what worked is really high! (It might help if you are too, when you watch this....)
I highly recommend this edit, and I have already downloaded the sequel and can't wait to watch it next! (This is now part of my personal top 5 list of favorite edits, alongside War of the Stars, Robots vs Kung Fu, Tears In The Rain and Riddles of the Lost Gods; I love edits that really change things a lot! This kicked ass!)

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