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(Updated: July 19, 2014)
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A worthy sequel! And a quick cameo from TV's Frank in a TV's Frink fanedit!
All the praise I heaped on part 1 goes for part 2 as well. I would have to say, maybe this gets a little carried away with scenes turning into full on music videos a little too often. And I would have enjoyed hearing "Now, there are two of them!" about 1000 more times! That never seemed to get old to me in the first one. But in this edit, I especially thought the Seinfeld diner scene was inspired, and using Crusty the Clown's voice was the PERFECT voice for that character---one clear improvement over the first movie. I also wish Daffy Duck's voice was featured even more than it was. The "Hey, look over there" line was a little more surreal in this edit, frequently emanating from nowhere. I loved Gob Bluth again, and the call out to Arrested Development's call out to Charlie Brown with the excellent quick usage of The Vince Guaraldi Trio. I also applaud the Rear Window footage, short thought it was!
I had never been able to sit through this movie (or any of the 3 prequels) until these two edits. There were things I preferred in the first one, and things I preferred here--I couldn't give either the edge (which is a good thing; I remember watching the 2nd War of the Stars and being disappointed that it lacked so much of the crazy that was in the first one. It also wasn't done in the same grindhouse style. I'm glad you kept to the vision of the 1st one with this sequel.)
This may not be the place for suggestions for your third sequel, but I would love just one scene where perhaps the MST3K silhouettes appear, watching the movie with us, and maybe use a second or two of the audio from Rifftrax's riff of Revenge of the Sith? Just a stray thought.
Again, I am def recommending this and looking forward to the 3rd one!

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