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I thought I already had a review for this, but I don't see it now. Anyway...

If you thought that The Ridiculous Menace was hilarious, you should definitely see the sequel. And if you didn't think TRM was hilarious, you should have your head examined.

Frink brings some fresh hilarity to this Star Wars prequel, with a few recurring gags and a slew of great new jokes. As with TRM, there are now some scenes in the actual prequels that I can't watch right now without thinking of Frink's version and giggling uncontrollably.

A note to families: The scene on Naboo where Anakin and Padme get lovey-dovey with each other has been changed into a scene which, while hilarious, is probably not for young eyes. (I believe the footage is from one of the "Naked Gun" movies, although I could be mistaken.) Keep your remote or clicker handy on that scene just in case.

My favorite scenes are the speeder chase on Naboo and the following scene in the bar, and Anakin's reworked nightmare. But as before, all of it is great.

Video/audio quality: As with TRM, there are lots of places where the mouth movements don't sync up with the new dialogue, but I'd much rather have a funny edit than a "realistic" one. I'm noting this to make people aware in case they aren't prepared in advance, but I wouldn't change a frame of it. It feels like a dubbed Godzilla movie, which makes it all the more hilarious.

So if you want a good laugh and haven't seen this one yet, then you catch on pretty slow. Catch on quicker and watch this one soon!

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