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Review by L8wrtr — January 28, 2011 @ 9:07 am

Because I have a workprint of my own for Episode III, I have shied away from watching other editors takes on it. I actually enjoyed Episode III in the theaters, at least when compared to Episode I & II. By its very nature, because of where it must point to (episodes 4, 5 & 6) and because Lucas wasted a lot of time in Episodes I & II, content alone made III the best of the Prequel. But while it was great in the theater, it didn’t hold up well under repeated viewing. The beginning, while closer in feeling to Star Wars action was a bloated mess, Anakin was still a whiner, Padme was weak and uninteresting, and worst of all, Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side felt uneven, there was something there at the base, but it has always just felt off.

As with all of my reviews, they are intended as constructive evaluations of the edit and no offense is intended to the editor.

Audio quality was spectacular. Kerr’s touch was amazing. He added music in the perfect places, never overpowering, but perfect for the scene. Many times his additions were so subtle that I think only people who know the movie with the intimacy of having edited it would notice them. His blending of scenes was fantastic, and his very subtle additions were perfect. 10/10

Overall quality was very good. The new crawl seemed to stutter and surge and at times the quality seemed not quite as good as the original, but overall held up well on my 52″ Plasma. The editing itself was seamless. The transitions, wipes, minor tweaks (and this edit is FULL of tweaks) were transparent and again, really only someone who knows this thing back and forth will notice where he has done his work. 9/10

How does this compare to the original? AMAZING. BRILLIANT. This is for the time being, my absolute go-to version of E3. It doesn’t hurt that I would guestimate that my work print shares numerous concepts and even identical edits as Kerr’s, but his editor’s knife was absolutely brilliant. Anakin is no longer whining. No longer brooding (in the wrong way) but definitely alone, increasingly isolated and trapped. To some degree his character felt a little hallow, I wanted more depth, but that is not the fault of Kerr, he pulled the most out of what was available, and I’ll take an Anakin that is a little flat, over one that is whining, brooding and intolerably annoying. Padme’s character is slightly improved and benefits from the use of deleted scenes. A particularly impressive improvement is the turning point of Anakin’s life in Palpatine’s office; this was simply JAW DROPPING. When I caught on to how Kerr was handling this I literally applauded from my sofa. Every clip, nip and tuck that Kerr made up to this point had narrowed Anakin’s choices, boxed him into a corner, and made him *gasp*… sympathetic, and so when the moment finally came, it was in fact believable. This achievement alone makes this edit worth it. It is the entire point of the movie, and Kerr’s approach succeeds wonderfully.


There were only a few choices that I didn’t care for. The jump from Padme’s balcony to her arriving on Mustafar was just too much for me. It was the only time where I actually felt rushed. While this edit moves very briskly, I never felt like things were missing, or that corners were being cut. TMBTM has commented that the length of this edit doesn’t ‘feel’ Star Wars-like, and I have to agree, the pace is very fast, but that is really the only choice to make because the thing that draws this movie out is tons of useless screen time. For most of the edit while the pace is brisk, nothing is ever missing, everything lines-up. Every scene leads logically to the next and no important piece of information, or emotion is left out, until the balcony scene. It was the only point in the movie where as a viewer I felt “oh, we’re missing a piece of the story” Not that it was critical, and it in fact leaves it ambiguous, did Padme bring Obi-Wan with her on purpose, or did he sneak on? I think Kerr’s intention is to have her bring Obi-Wan there, but it just doesn’t feel correct and without the transition scene of her leaving and Obi-Wan sneaking aboard, I just felt like that subconscious beat that a good movie has, was off. But really, that’s about it.

His choice to cut out Yoda vs Palpatine is a struggle for me. While watching the movie, it’s not really missed. The pacing of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s battle benefits from the removal. This is the battle that we’ve waited 20 years for. Now it happens in brilliant, fast-paced, every-man for himself fashion, right up to a brilliant finale. But as the movie begins to wrap, you’re left with questions, where was Yoda? Why was he hanging out an a rock with Bail instead of joining Obi-Wan? Surely if they’re going up against the most powerful Jedi ever, they would want their combined abilities. (this is of course a problem that Kerr inherited from the original, the choice to split up and attach each Sith individually was idiotic and forced) so Kerr isn’t entirely at fault here, but his choice to cut out Yoda/Palpatine highlights this problem.
Story Improvement: 10/10

But overall I can EASILY forgive both of these ‘issues’ because the sum of this edit is so amazing.

This is simply the best Star Wars fanedit that I have seen to date because it makes Revenge of the Sith a truly great movie. Not just acceptable. Not just watchable, but worthy of the title Star Wars. It tells the story that we have been waiting to see, but without whining, without insipid dialogue, over-explained context, brow-beating political diatribes. It’s fast, fun, dark and ultimately, satisfying.


Thank you Kerr. Now I just need a worth Episode II and the Circle shall be complete.
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