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My previous favorite edit of Revenge of the Sith was L8wrtr's Dawn of the Empire. I did have some problems with it, like Chewbacca was still there, Padme dies unlike her daughter's memories, C-3PO doesn't have his memory wiped and it isn't explained why only Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Yoda are able to use the force ghost technique. Despite the universe shrinking and the continuity errors though, overall it was the best edit of ROTS.

But now, Labyrinth of Evil has taken over the title of best edit of Episode III. Why?

The Audio/Video quality is great, so is the editing. The narrative was similar to Dawn of the Empire (that's what I like about this) but better. And of course, MUCH better than the original. The only problems I had were,

1) The removal of the Yoda/Palpatine fight. The fight has a point. When he warns Luke “Do not underestimate the power of the Emperor”, he is speaking from experience. When he goes to Dagobah to hide without the fight people would say "Why doesn't he stop the Emperor?" When he does and fails, he goes into exile. Many people complain that Yoda having a lightsaber contradicts and destroys his character, and they argue that Yoda represented a character that someone didn't need to be physically strong but strong in the heart to be powerful as shown in the Empire Strikes Back, which is correct. And according to them Yoda having a lightsaber destroys his character because of this. But think about it this way; the lightsaber is no laser sword used with physical strength, the lightsaber is a force weapon used by force wielders. The stronger you are in the force the better you use the lightsaber as well.

Did you play the Knights of the Old Republic games? Well in the second one your Master, Kreia, talks to one of your other companions, Atton, and says "Take the greatest Jedi Knight, strip away the Force, and what remains? They rely on it, depend on it more than they know. Watch as one tries to wield a blaster or a lightsaber, and you will see nothing more than a woman, or a man. A child."

We can easily ignore the blaster part because Jedi don't use blasters anyway, except only on dire situations like at the end of Obi-Wan vs Greavous, which also ends with Obi-Wan saying "So uncivilized." But the important part is the lightsaber part. This time it's the opposite. Other than Jedi and Sith, people are never able to use lightsabers properly, why not? Because you need the Force in order to use the lightsaber, which proves that a lightsaber is more than just a laser sword. That is why in my opinion there is nothing wrong with Yoda having a lightsaber.


Ugh. It's still there! I couldn't believe it. The most laughable moment in the prequels that isn't meant to be laughable.

That being said, I prefer the removal of the fight and "NOOOOO" over the continuity issues (Padmé's death, C-3PO, force ghosts) and universe shrinking (CHEWBACCA!!!).

Thanks, HAL9000 for giving us all a go-to Episode III.

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Owner's reply March 26, 2014

I knew it would an unpopular choice to keep the "Nooooo" scene, but it had to be kept. Because Padme lives in this version, this scene is essential in selling that as a legitimate plot point. We see that Vader believes she is dead, Palpatine profits from lying to him about it, and the loose threads are tied up. When we see Padme on Alderaan with Leia, the unsuspecting audience is none the wiser. If I were to remove this scene, the edit would suffer.
I did try to work with the scene to lessen the hilarity of the Frankenstein walk and shouting. I tried, but was unable, to use the "Nooo" line from the 2011 BluRay of Return Of The Jedi instead. Ending the scene earlier didn't work either. There was no satisfying way to transition from that scene to the next, which also had to stay in the film for similar reasons. I'm glad you enjoyed the film, even if your least favorite moment had to necessarily be retained.
And I'm with you on the Chewbacca thing; I wish I could have removed him entirely.

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