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Review by gorbash — July 15, 2008 @ 6:08 am

This comment will cover all the prequel edits for ADM.

I came to download these versions of the prequel trilogy after watching The Phantom Editor’s versions of Episode 1 and 2, and while he still has Midichlorians in his flick, he doesn’t have a version of Episode 3, and I’m a bit of a completest. I’m now in the process of downloading your versions of the original trilogy, for completeness sake.

First off with what you had to work with, it’s like you made apple pie with something not so pleasant. I don’t consider myself a Star Wars purist, I want Han to shoot first, and I wish the word Midichlorian was never uttered.

That said, is it possible to make these three films cannon? Officially and not just by those of us who care about the Star Wars story? All of the tweaks and edits were near perfection, making the best out of what was given and adding back in what should have been in there in the first place. Shaak-Ti being killed for one, and the subsequent escape through the coolant tank. Trimming out the whiny emo Anikan, less Jar-Jar (actually did this better in places than The Phantom Editor did). I almost expected to see a ghostly image of Qui-Gon appear to Obi Won, or even to Yoda when he lands on Dagoba, but that is just wishful thinking, the voice over was great, except it was a little loud compared to the rest of the movie.

And while nothing is perfect, this unfortunately had some flaws. Most notably they appear in Episode I where you remove Jar-Jar’s lines in the Gungan sub, and one line wasn’t totally removed at one scene and sounded like a whisper. I’m not familiar with editing software, so I suspect it might not have been possible to remove that line completely. However, the character still moves his mouth, it would have been better to just cut the scene completely. It happens again in Episode III when Gen Grevious’s ship is being attacked by the Jedi, one of the Trade Federation people, with the werid sounding voices talks, but the line is removed, in fact I think a lot of the lines are cut, kind of making the scene drag.

Poor R2-D2. He gets turned into slapstick comedy in Episode III. Lost of your edits work very well, except for one scene with R2. The scene where he comes blasting out of the elevator and slams into the wall. You tried valiantly to give some dignity back to this pivotal character, but at the expense to a jarring edit. R2 must have some powerful 4 disk brakes to stop moving so fast. A better scene to have cut would have been the Battle Droid kicking over R2.

Overall a phenomenal job editing these three films, and bringing some greatness back to a seminal scifi film series.
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