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(Updated: November 20, 2019)
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Well, color me impressed: after HAL9000's tour-de-force on the Prequels (they are my go-to versions), he gets closer to my ideal of A New Hope than any other version I've seen.

It's always a treat to see an edit that's a labor of love, especially when it's a film you yourself love too.

There are lots of big-picture improvements to be found here: the color looks soooo much better than the blu-ray, Han shoots first, the weakest Special Edition CGI creatures are gone, and more. HAL9000 achieves this result while standing on the shoulders of giants, and combines their efforts to create a whole that is even better than their parts.

But what speaks most to the love invested in this edit are small details. The Cantina Band that is subtly heard outside the cantina. Luke calling Wedge instead of Biggs. The dual language track to give viewers their choice of Obi-Wan's line "Your father wanted..." or "I wanted...".

Does this replace all other versions for me? No, but it is at the top of the list.

Update: After comparing the audio on different systems (good stereo, pc, and headphones) and in Audacity, I notice the soundstage is flatter than the original blu-ray. Perhaps an imperfect setting at rendering?

P.S. For anyone who wants the subtitles to match Obi-Wan saying "Your father..." instead of "I...", PM me for the updated .srt file.
Owner's reply November 24, 2019

Thanks for the review and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.
The reason you notice a different flavor with the audio from the BluRay is because I used the DTS theater audio from the 1997 Special Edition as my primary source. While this choice would be fair to question, it is not due to a fault with encoding.

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