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I do not normally do special edition Star Wars (the original trilogy, anyway) and typically prefer the Despecialized or 4k77 versions if I am going to watch them. This, however, struck my interest, and I have to say this is what the Special Edition SHOULD have been back in 97 or whenever it was that Lucas shat them out. The hallway scene at the beginning started the movie off at a higher energy level, and the new fight scene, while not perfect, is at least much more inline with the rest of the series now, no longer feeling like an embarrassing fossil in an otherwise flawless movie (and, lets be honest, the original fight was made to look bad just a couple of years later in Empire, let alone what the prequels did for saber combat). Its not purist, but its not supposed to be. Its a special edition, after all. Absolutely loved it, but was somewhat surprised that you didn't include the newer Death Star run that was done by some VFX guys on YouTube a few years back (although I don't know if that was ever released as just a full clip without the compassion shots). Regardless, very good, and definitely my go to when I want a special edition version.

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